PT33: JoAnn Falletta Returns!

The title explains it all! Today we are incredibly excited to feature as our first return guest on the Podium Time Podcast: the incredible JoAnn Falletta! This week, JoAnn talks with us about how she schedules her study for concerts 1 year out and 1 week out, the many shades of leadership on the podium, and how you are always learning from the orchestra.

PT33 pic

This week we discuss:

  • Listener Questions:
  • Preparing a score for the second time
  • Scheduling study time
  • Leading the orchestra by following
  • On rejection and “failure”
  • The beauty of volunteer players
  • JoAnn’s most important teachers
  • The musicians are always teaching you
  • Juggling focus while conducting
  • On your authority as conductor
  • Recognizing the orchestra
  • JoAnn’s poetry and hobbies
  • JoAnn’s Billboard

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