The Seven Trips through the Score, with Wes Kenney

Today we talk again with my teacher Maestro Wes Kenney about his detailed Score Study method, identifying what conducting students need to learn, and the importance of Human Connections.

Kenney forward

Show notes for Episode 11:

  • Kenney’s Graduate Conducting class
  • CSU’s Summer Master’s Program
  • On Score Study
    • Melodic Analysis and Balance
    • Harmonic Analysis and Tuning
    • Applying a system to a complete Symphony or Opera
  • In detail: the Seven Trips through the Score
    • Building your own system
  • Resources:
  • The Importance of Human Connections
    • “We are Method Actors”
    • The Personality of a Conductor
  • Observing other Conducting Classes
    • Identifying the Necessary Skills for undergraduate conductors
    • “Nobody is learning conducting from a book.”
    • There is no single solution for anything
      • Thinking on your feet and remaining flexible

Note: You can support Podium Time by using the links above to purchase these books on Amazon. The price will not change for you, but we will get a small kickback for our referral.

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