The Business of our Art, Part 1, with Viswa Subbaraman

In the first installment of this two-part episode, we talk with Viswa Subbaraman about starting a contemporary opera company, the role of the orchestra, and why we need to be able to communicate with administration and marketing.


This week we discuss:

  • Accidentally studying with Kurt Masur
  • Skylight Music Theatre
  • Relevant Opera vs Rented Opera
  • First opera, then orchestra
  • Opera Vista
    • Powder Her Face makes Wozzeck looks easy”
  • Flexibility in the pit
    • And the myriad difficulties of performing in an opera
  • Teaching style to the orchestra
  • Starting an opera company
  • What is the role of an orchestra?
  • “We’ve let the business of our art get away from us.”
    • “We have the most idiotic art form in the world.”

Find this and all other episodes at Subscribe and download Podium Time on your favorite podcast player, and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter at PodiumTimePod. Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony was performed by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, and Beethoven’s Egmont Overture was performed by Stefano Ligoratti.

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