“On Only Two Rehearsals?” with Adam and Noelle

How do you put an orchestra and a full concert together in only two rehearsals? We talk about that and more this week with Adam Torres and Noelle Bauman. When Adam approached me about a concert for the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, I knew I couldn’t say no. Just last week that concert happened with three conductors and a fantastic orchestra of local professionals and students. Today, we discuss recruiting an orchestra, preparing a full concert in two rehearsals, and counting bars of rest.


Show notes for Episode 6
This week we discuss:

  • Adam A. Torres
  • Zion Lutheran Church
  • Background of concert
    • “Opportunity meets need”
  • Recruiting a full orchestra
    • “You cannot overstate the importance of building relationships, both within the music community and outside.”
    • “I think when you maintain those good relationships, then you really have that opportunity when you want to create something out of nothing. People are willing to take a leap of faith with you.”
  • Putting a concert together in two rehearsals
    • Balance larger works with smaller
    • Rehearsal schedule
    • Technique at the ready
  • Planning casual concert
    • “The idea of a 30 minute symphony is a bit daunting to them.”
    • Establishing trust
  • Pass the Baton
    • “Stick Shtick”
    • Bard Conductors Institute
    • “You have a concept for a concert. Now how can you, within the concert, do things that are unique to that concert experience?”
  • A couple of stories about the difficulty of counting rests
  • Hyperprism: a future advocacy group for young musicians?
  • Final advice
    • Look for opportunities that serve a need
    • Don’t be afraid to partner
      • or ask for help
    • Be extremely grateful
      • “They will look closer to find the sincerity in your art if you have established that gratitude beforehand.
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